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IMPD Homeland Security Bureau
Emergency Management Agency

We have made significant positive change by stepping away from the previous efforts or paradigm and redirecting processes, procedures, attitudes, structures and systems into a new high performing – accountable IMPD Homeland Security Bureau - Emergency Management Agency through:

  • “All hazards” risk based strategic and operational planning models,
  • Decentralized emergency response criteria with defined output/outcome objectives,
  • Significant emphasis on crime reduction/prevention, injury/loss prevention roles and responsibilities, and
  • Community centric organization philosophies.

Application of the principles of risk management within the IMPD Homeland Security Bureau - Emergency Management Agency leads to enhanced safety and security through a redirection of energies on clear, objective risk assessments and measurable performance outcomes focused on prevention, preparedness and mitigation on all hazards versus the current traditional response to a specific situation paradigm. 

The direction of the IMPD Homeland Security Bureau - Emergency Management Agency is that every member of each section will receive an appropriate level of education, equipment and technology to perform their duties. 

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Homeland Security Advisory System
Threat Level

DHS Public Service Announcement

Click on the video below to watch our public service announcement. Run. Hide. Fight. An Active Intruder Response on Vimeo.


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