WCTY / Channel 16 & Government TV-2 Staff
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Channel 16 Staff

Ken Montgomery
is the Station Manager for Channel 16.  Ken can be reached at 327-2016, or E-mailed at Ken.Montgomery@indy.gov

Alan Dhayer is a Producer for Channel 16.  Alan can be reached at 327-8652, or E-mailed at Alan.Dhayer@indy.gov

Bradley K. Sims is a Producer for Channel 16.  Bradley can be reached at 327-2022, or E-mailed at Bradley.Sims@indy.gov

Nick Hess is a Producer for Channel 16. Nick can be reached at 327-4504, or E-mailed at Nick.Hess@indy.gov

Tim Barrett is a Producer for Channel 16. Tim can be reached at 327-2021, or E-mailed at Timothy.Barrett@indy.gov

Dave Lister is the Programming and Promotions Coordinator. Dave can be reached at 327-2017, or E-mailed at Dave.Lister@indy.gov