Civil Division
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Hon. Steven Eichholtz, Civil Division Chair 2017-18




Judge Presiding




D01 Civil Division 1 Heather A. Welch​
W-407 4th Floor West Wing 327-4200
D02 Civil Division 2 Timothy Oakes W-443 4th Floor West Wing 327-4105
D03 Civil Division 3 Gary Miller W-406 4th Floor West Wing 327-4222
D04 Civil Division 4 Cynthia Ayers W-442 4th Floor West Wing 327-5081
D05 Civil Division 5 John M.T. Chavis, II W-507 5th Floor West Wing 327-3939
D06 Civil Division 6 Thomas Carroll W-542 5th Floor West Wing 327-3870
D07 Civil Division 7 Michael Keele W-541 5th Floor West Wing 327-3901
D08 Probate Division 8 Steven Eichholtz T-1721 17th Floor Center Tower 327-5063
D09 Juvenile Division Marilyn Moores 46218 2451 N. Keystone Avenue 327-8300
D10 Civil Division 10 David Dreyer T-1441 14th Floor Center Tower 327-4160
D11 Civil Division 11 John F. Hanley T-1421 14th Floor Center Tower 327-3260
D12 Civil Division 12 P.J. Dietrick T-1760 17th Floor Center Tower 327-5087
D13 Civil Division 13 James A. Joven T-1442 14th Floor Center Tower 327-4166
D14 Civil Division 14 James B.  Osborn T-542 5th Floor Center Tower 327-0440
D04 MAG D04 Magistrate Court Docket Cynthia Ayers T-360 3rd Floor Center Tower 327-4274



Online Civil Division Case Information
Marion County civil case status information is now available online at
To search for a case, select Marion County-Traffic/Downtown Civil Courts from the location dropdown menu, then click on Civil, Family & Probate Case Records.
The free case search at includes only courts in Indiana that are using the Odyssey case management system. The records available here are for informational purposes only and are not considered to be the official court record. Odyssey currently for Marion County contains information regarding civil and traffic infraction cases, but some information within those cases is considered confidential and is excluded from the records available online.
For more information about what information is confidential and what is not confidential, see Administrative Rule 9 of the Indiana Supreme Court or review its Public Access to Court Records Handbook, written for clerks and judges in Indiana.