Marion County Indiana Jury Pool
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 Jury Video - Click on this link to watch a video on serving as a Juror in Marion County, Indiana

Jury duty touches the lives of thousands of Marion County and City of Indianapolis residents each year. Many people serve annually and each one has family, friends, employers and co-workers who are affected by their jury service.
Marion County summoned 83,318 people in 2013 to serve as jurors in 412 civil and criminal trials. Marion County pays jurors who appear for Jury Duty $15.00 a day plus mileage based on your zip code. For actually serving on a jury, jurors are paid $40.00 a day plus mileage. Checks are mailed approximately 3 to 4 weeks after serving. Parking is the juror's responsibility.

After receiving a jury notice, everyone has questions. "Why must I serve?" "How long must I serve?" " Can I get a postponement?" Who pays the jury fee?" "What should I tell my employer?" "What should I do if my employer tells me not to go?" "What are my obligations as an employer of a juror?" Some simply ask: "Why me?"

We know from personal experience that a summons for jury duty raises many concerns about how you will be able to fit the civic obligation of jury duty into your busy life.

We want to thank you again for serving our community and want to re-iterate that:

  • It is an honor to serve as a Marion County Juror. 
  • Jury service is a privilege of citizenship.

This site is designed to answer many of these concerns and give you an introduction into your upcoming jury service.

Click here for more details on the new 2014 Juror Summons post card process that we are currently implementing in our courts.

Here is a list of items that cannot be brought into the City-County building. 

Please browse through the site and feel free to contact us or send us an E-mail at to ask questions or tell us what you think about your Marion County jury system.

The Courts start new juries each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Trials usually last one thru three days. You will be advised of the length of the trial by the judge when you are sent to court for jury selection.

To find out if your Group Number is called to report for Jury Duty, please call (317) 327-8992  beginning Sunday evening after 5:00 p.m., the week you are scheduled.

Click here to update your Juror Summons Online.

A recording will announce what groups are required to report to the Public Assembly Room by 8:00 a.m. the next morning.

If your group number is not called to report for Monday, call Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to see if your Group Number is called for another day that week.