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Circuit & Superior Courts

The Marion County Circuit Court was established in 1816 with the signing of the Indiana Constitution. The original jurisdiction of the Court included civil, criminal, juvenile, probate, and small claims. Today, the Circuit Court hears only civil matters, and exercises exclusive statewide jurisdiction for insurance re-organizations / liquidations and medical liens. The Court also has exclusive jurisdiction in Marion County for all county tax collections, name changes, hardship driver's licenses, and provides supervision to the Marion County Small Claims Courts.

In the year 2000, the Circuit Court assumed responsibility for the newly established Paternity Court, which hears paternity issues and child support collection cases. In 2004, the Paternity Court accounted for approximately 80 Million dollars in child support collections. That 80 Million dollars benefited 59,875 single heads of households and 8,332 welfare families who depend upon the Paternity Court and the Marion County Prosecutor's Office for assistance in the collection of court ordered child support. 

Hon. Sheryl Lynch is the elected Judge of the Circuit Court.




Judge Sheryl Lynch

Court - C01
City-County Building, W506
200 E. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Phone: (317) 327-4010
Clerk: (317) 327-4009