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Payment Options



You are always welcome to mail your check.  Please ensure that your parcel number is listed on the check and that your envelope is U.S. Postmarked by the due date to ensure a timely payment.

Pay at the Banks.pdfPay at the Banks.pdf

The following banks located in Marion County have agreed to act as agents for taxpayers in accepting property tax payments for transmittal to the Marion County Treasurer.  Some banks may charge a fee for this service.

Online Portal options -

In order for payments to be considered on-time, they must be made on or before 11:59 p.m. on the due date. Payments made after that time will incur legally required penalties which must be included in the payment. For 30 days following the due date, either add 5% of the bill to your payment if your bill does not display an existing penalty, or add 10% if your bill shows a penalty. If it is after 30 days, add a 10% penalty.

***Please Note the system has a dollar amount limit of $400,000.00 per transaction.  If you payment is more than this amount you can make muliple payments.

One-Time Pay

One Time Pay is the fastest way to make your payment.  You can quickly pay your property taxes by e-Check (fee 95 cents) or credit card (2.95% of transaction) without setting up an account. After adding your parcel to your shopping cart and clicking the "Pay Now" button, you can enter your payment information and submit it for processing. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment to keep for your records.

Flex Pay

The monthly payment plan is designed to deduct equal monthly (6) payments from the checking account or savings account you designate on any day each month you select.  An approved monthly payment plan ensures your taxes are paid on time every May and November.  You will just need to log into the system to schedule the tax cycle (spring or fall) payments for each cycle. If you make 6 payments per cycle, there is a convenience fee of 25 cents per deduction, if you have less than 6, it will be 95 cents convenience fee per deduction. An email notification is sent each month prior to the deduction from your account as a reminder.

If you do not have a computer to set up your account but still wish to enroll in this program, view the following form: Monthly Payment Plan, and mail to the address listed on the form.


Auto Pay

When you sign up for this option, your property taxes are pulled automatically from the checking or savings account you designate on tax due day.  You only sign up once.  There is no need to sign up each year as the plan will continue until you cancel the plan.  An email is sent prior to the deduction from your account as a reminder.  You will need to click on the link above, add the parcels you would like to setup into the shopping cart, and select express registration.  Once you have created an account, choose my profile,  then select my bank, add bank information and select Auto-Pay, then select 'YES PUT ME ON AUTOPAY".  You must complete registration by clicking on "Complete Registration" on the automated email sent after online registration.  With this option there will be a convenience fee of 95 cents per deduction.

Scheduled Pay

With this option, it will be a one time payment that you choose any business day on or before the due date that you would like the deduction to be made.  Registration is required in order to schedule a payment.  With this option there will be a convenience fee of 95 cents if paying by eCheck, and 2.95% of total transaction if paying by credit card.

Voice Pay

You will need to call 317-327-4TAX (317-327-4829) or 1-888-881-8986.  Please be sure you have your parcel number and account information ready.  The system will ask for the assessment year, this will be the assessment year for which you are paying.  For example, if you are paying for May 10. 2018 or November 13, 2018 the assessment year would be 2018.  With this option, there will be a $1.95 + 95 cents convenience fee for e-Check transactions and $1.95 +2.95% for credit card transactions.