Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my taxes at a bank?

See information on paying at local banks.

What are my payment options?

See your payment options.

How much will the penalty be if my payment is late?

All payments must be received by the Marion County Treasurer no later than due dates, if not a penalty will be added to the unpaid portion of the amount due for each installment. The penalty will be in the amount of 5% of the unpaid tax IF the installment is completely paid on or before thirty (30) days after the due date AND you are not liable for delinquent property taxes first due and payable in a previous year for the same parcel. Otherwise, the penalty will be in the amount of 10% of the unpaid tax.

Do you have a payment plan?

View Payment Plan Information - Listed as Monthly Payment plan or "Flex Pay"

Can I make partial payments?

With only a few exceptions, we will take any payment in any amount that you want to apply on your parcel. (Parcels that have a tax sale lien are not eligible for partial payments.) Indiana Statute does provide for a county to create a payment plan under certain circumstances. See the question about "payment plans" for more information on this option. For those parcels that are not eligible for our payment plan, you may pay any amount you wish at any time by simply mailing or bringing in your payment to the Marion County Treasurer. (View mailing address and office information.) If you are mailing your payment, please be sure to indicate the parcel number in the memo-portion of your check so that your payment will be properly applied. Also, be sure to inform us at the time you are making your payment if it is to be directed to any particular category (e.g. delinquent tax, sewer assessment, etc.).

How do I change the mailing address to which you send my tax bill?

Requests to change your mailing address must be made in writing to The Marion County Assessor. Even though the Treasurer's office mails the tax bills, the name and address that appear on a tax bill are maintained by the County Assessor based on the deed and signed updates.

County Assessor's Change of address form.

My tax bill is too high. Am I receiving all of the deductions/exemptions to which I am entitled?

Most exemptions/deductions are filed with the Marion County Auditor. The most common deductions for residential real estate are Homestead, Mortgage, and age (over 65). You can view a list of available deductions on the auditor's Website from which you can download the appropriate application for deduction/exemption. View the deduction/exemption page of the Auditor's Website.

My assessed value seems too high. Can I appeal my assessment and, if so, how?

Yes, you can appeal your assessed value. Most appeals are filed with the Marion County Assessor, but it is recommended that you talk with your Township Assessor before filing an appeal because he/she may be able to answer questions that will help you determine whether an appeal is appropriate. View the County Assessor's appeal information page.

If I have automatic Bank deduction, when is the money taken out of my account?

The Marion County Treasurer will send you a Bank Account Deduction Notice in the Spring stating the deduction dates, also a reminder will be sent to your email address the day before the deduction takes place.

How can I reach your office?

Treasurer's office contact information.