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  The following information and procedures apply to Marion County only.  The statute governing tax sales in Indiana (I.C. 6-1.1-24 & 25) affords the County Auditor and County Treasurer options regarding the manner in which the Tax Sale may be conducted.  Therefore, the exact procedures by which a county conducts a tax sale for properties with delinquent taxes and special assessments may differ from county to county.

This public auction or "Tax Sale" of real property is required by Indiana law.  While some unfortunate circumstances may exist which result in some properties being offered for sale, it is nonetheless required

that all properties with delinquent taxes, penalties, and special assessment liens and fees for unpaid sewer user charges, delinquent weed cutting fees, delinquent solid waste service fees, delinquent storm water fees, delinquent health and hospital liens, delinquent nuisance fees, trash fees, boarding fees and demolition fees as specified by law, be auctioned at the Treasurer's Tax Sale.

The Tax Sale enables the Treasurer to collect revenue that has been levied for the operation of nearly 42 governmental units and school districts within Marion County.  The staffs of the Marion County Treasurer and Marion County Auditor appreciate the attention of prospective bidders and buyers to the procedures governing this Tax Sale.  Thank you for your participation.  Your comments are welcome.