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Boundary Surveys, SLR & Plot Plans

What is the difference between a Surveyor’s Location report, a Plot Plan and a Boundary Survey?

Surveyor’s Location Report (formerly called a Mortgage Survey) is a limited accuracy report prepared by a Registered Professional Surveyor for the benefit of a mortgage lender and/or a title insurance company. Since the boundary of a Surveyor's Location Report is not staked and is only shown approximately, it should not be used for the construction of improvements.

A boundary survey requires more research and work and is therefore more expensive. However the corners are staked with a boundary survey. Since around 1988, Surveyors have been required by Indiana Administrative Code to record most surveys where the property corners were monumented.

A plot plan appears similar to a Surveyor’s Location Report, but it shows proposed improvements to a site in order to obtain a permit to construct those improvements.

Boundary surveys, Surveyor’s Location Reports and Plot plans would be prepared by a Private Professional Surveyor.