Recorded Surveys
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Recorded Surveys

I need a copy of a survey for my property

The Marion County Surveyor's Office maintains an index of surveys recorded in the Marion County Recorder’s Office.  This index is updated on a quarterly basis.

The Recorded Surveys Index can be found below.

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The index is sorted by Section-Township-Range (S-T-R) and you can find your S-T-R from the public GIS viewer MapIndy

You can obtain copies of the surveys from the Marion County Recorder’s Office, located on the 7th floor of the City County Building or by calling (317) 327-4020.

Since 1988, Indiana Registered Land Professional Surveyors have been required, in most cases, to record boundary surveys of property where permanent corner markers are set.

Surveyors Location Reports (SLR), previously called mortgage surveys, are not typically recorded since corner markers are not set as a part of a SLR.