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​​Marion County Recording and Copy​ Fees 

Effective August 1, 2017

F​e​es​​​​ are determined by the Indiana General Assembly.  
​Note: Fees in Marion County are different than those in other Indiana Counties.

​Document Type
Includes Subordinate, Corrective, Indenture, Supplemental Indenture &
re-recorded mortgages 

Deeds and other documents (except UCC's)
Includes re-recorded documents and 1 oversize page. Release, Satisfaction, Assignment, Modification & Subordination of Mortgage 
Mechanics Lien​ / Assessment Lien
$2.00 each additional mail out


Multiple Transaction​​ Release Documents AKA Blanket Releases

$7.00 each additional transaction within  the document​
(Accepted only if party names and legal descriptions are the same.)

​​Uniform Commercial Code  Up to 2 Pages​ 3 Pages or More​
​Financing Statement, Continuation,
Amendment or Assignment
$6.00​ $10.00​
UCC-11 Information Request
​Financing Statements involving personal property
are filed with the Indiana Secretary of State. ​

each additional name
​​ Copies 
​11" x17" or smaller, per page $1.00​
​Larger than 11" x 17" per page $5.00​
​Certification of documents (plus copy fees) $5.00​

No Fee Documents

All documents recorded for no-fee must state the I.C. number on the top of the document prior to recording.
  • I.C. 36-2-7-10 Recording of Official Bonds
  • I.C. 1.0.6-1.1-22-2(c) Surveyor recording a legal description on property to be sold for non-payment of taxes and for which a legal description is not available.
  • I.C. 8-23-7 Recording of a right-of-way transferring title to a railroad.
  • I.C. 8-23-23 Recording of a right-of-way or easement for use as a state, county or municipal highway.
  • I.C. 10-5-4-3 Military discharge
  • I.C. 10-5-7-1(a) No charge for certified copy of a document requested by state or any political subdivision that is necessary to secure benefits to members of military, honorably discharged vet, or surviving spouse or dependents.
  • I.C. 12-1-5-8 Welfare liens and their subsequent releases (aged).
  • I.C. 12-1-6-18(d) Welfare liens and their subsequent releases (blind persons).
  • I.C. 12-1-7.1-10 Welfare liens and their subsequent releases (disabled persons).