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Liens against real property in Marion County are often filed in the Recorder’s Office.  If a lien is filed against your property, contact the lienholder for more information. Generally, the lienholder is the only party able to release the lien.  As with any legal matter, you are encouraged to seek competent and professional legal counsel.
Our office is neither licensed nor bonded to conduct lien searches on property. A professional title search company can provide a complete and exhaustive search of all records related to property. 
Records are available to search in our office using our public access terminals free of charge. We also offer online search services.:
Free Se​arch  enables you to search for records but does not provide an image of the recorded documents. 
Tapestry is a fee-based service that does provide an image of the document.
Fee: $6.95/search plus  $1.00/page for any copies. 
Mechanic’s Liens 
Generally, a mechanic’s lien is filed by a contractor providing goods or services on a property, but has not received payment. The purpose of the Indiana mechanic's lien statute is to provide a lien claimant with a remedy for payment for labor or materials furnished to the property.
Recording Fee includes  mailing a copy of the lien to the party the lien is being placed. $2.00 each additional mail out. Copy fee of $1.00/page will apply if additional copies not provided.
The Indiana Department of Financial Institutions has some helpful information regarding Mechanic’s Liens. 


If you have received a judgment and wish to record the document, please see ​our recording requirements.

If a judgment​ has been recorded against you, contact the issuing court for more information.

Home Owner Association / Assessment Liens
Contact your home owner association or the lienholder for more information. 
Mortgage Releases
If you have paid your mortgage in full, your mortgage lender typically records a satisfaction of mortgage or mortgage release. Copies are $1.00/page and can be found using our online search services or by calling our office 317-327-4020. 

High Weed/Grass; Unsafe Building Sewer; Hospital Liens
Contact the lienholder for more information:


City of Beech Grove 
317- 803-9120
City of Lawrence
Town of Speedway 

Federal Tax Liens
Federal Income Tax Liens are filed in the County Recorder’s Office. Contact the Inter​nal Revenue Service for more information.
State Tax Liens
Despite appearing on credit reports, Individual Income Tax liens are not filed in the Recorder’s Office. Contact the Indiana Department of Revenue directly for more information. 
Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC)
The place to file a UCC document is listed in I.C. 26-1-9.1-501. Please note there have been changes in this law effective July 1, 2001. If you are unsure of the appropriate place to file, you should seek legal counsel.
UCC Financing Statement and Amendment forms are available from the Secretary of State.