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Conflict Division

Conflict Administrator: Rick Ford(317) 920-9720

Juvenile Administrator: Regina Tidwell (317) 924-3545

The Conflict Divisions are assigned cases whenever there is a conflict of interest between a defendant and another client already represented by the Public Defender Agency—for example, if one client is a co-defendant with, witness against, or alleged victim of another client whom the Agency already represents.  The Conflict Divisions consist of two autonomous conflict teams with their own offices, file storage, and support staff that are separate from each other and from the Agency as a whole.  Attorneys from these Divisions represent defendants in felony cases in all of the major felony and level 6 felony courts.
In some circumstances (such as when four or more people are charged in the same case), a defendant's case must be contracted to an attorney engaged in the private practice of law.   The Marion County Public Defender Agency contracts with a pool of private attorneys to represent defendants in instances where one of the Conflict Divisions would be unable to represent that person.
The MCPDA has both a duty to represent everyone who cannot afford counsel and a duty to ensure that that representation is untainted by even the appearance of bias, partiality, or divided loyalties; when those duties come into conflict, the Conflict Divisions or private contractors step in to represent a defendant.