CLE Seminars
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CLE Seminars

Continuing Legal Education

Training Director
Robert Kodrea

The Marion County Public Defender Agency is dedicated to providing an environment where learning is continuous. To that end, the Agency provides a number of Continuing Legal Education seminars throughout the year. These seminars are free of charge to all full-time, part-time, contract and conflict public defenders.

Members of the private criminal defense bar may also attend for a nominal fee, unless otherwise indicated. Please register to attend by sending an email to within 3 days of the scheduled seminar. If you register in advance, the fee for the CLE will be $25, payable in cash or check on the day of the seminar.

Date Time Location Topic Presenter
01/17/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Jury Instructions Bailey
02/28/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Defending in a High Profile Case Kammen
03/14/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Drunk Driving Defense Basics Kamish
03/28/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Look Back at 2013 Schumm
04/11/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Litigating Competency Gerber
04/24/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Criminal Code Overview Sen. Young
05/29/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Sentencing Black & Kodrea
06/20/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Changes to Motor Vehicle Laws DeVries
06/26/14 3-4:00pm CCB, Room 260 Criminal Code Level Offenses Black
07/18/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 2014 Legislative Update Landis
08/15/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Case Law Update St. John
08/28/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Community Corrections  Reed & Payne
09/12/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Firearms & Ammunition Crime Lab
09/25/14 12-1:00pm CCB, Room 260 Veteran Services for Criminally Charged Defendants V.A. Staff
10/13/14 8:30-11am Public Assembly Officer’s Perspective on DUI Investigation Capt. Turner, F.A.C.T.
Fundamentals of the DRE Evaluation in DUI Cases Casey
11/11/14 8:30am-Noon Public Assembly Ethics Bell
Civility and Professionalism   Judge Pyle
Prosecutorial Misconduct Schumm
12/05/14 Noon-1pm CCB, Room 260 TPR/CHINS Update TBD

If you would like to attend a CLE seminar, please call Robert Kodrea at 327-3994 to sign up or e-mail