Project Cybersafe
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​Project Cybersafe

Project CyberSafe presentations are available for a student audience.

The Project CyberSafe for students presentation educates students about online threats, responsible online social networking, and the law. The presentations are done in an interactive format encouraging student involvement and participation.

Topics discussed during a Project Cybersafe presentation include:

  1. Relevant statutes that apply to bullying and the juvenile justice system.
  2. The subpoena power of the court and the ability of the prosecutor’s office to get phone, facebook and email records.
  3. Student responsibility when faced with bullying.
  4. “Privacy” on the internet is an illusion and anything you  post could potentially be seen by the entire online world.
  5. See slides from the presentation:

​For more information or to schedule a presentation please contact us through our Project Cybersafe