Real Estate Rules for Attorneys
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Real Estate Rules for Attorneys

Sheriff Sale Requirements for Plaintiff/Attorney

Effective May 1st, 2012

Notices,deeds,clerk returns and bid forms must be on 8 W' x 11" paper. Deeds with large property descriptions can be on 8 W' x 14" or 2 pages if need be. All documents must have the Sheriff's file number (date of sale and sale#) in the upper right hand corner, that includes notice of sale,deeds, returns, bid forms,removal letters,assignments and added cost. COST CHECKS FOR USER FEE, SHERIFF FEE & PUBLICATION ARE DUE THE DAY OF SALE, please make checks payable to MARION COUNTY SHERIFF. If a property is removed from the sale there still may be cost incurred that are due.

Deeds, Clerk Returns, Sales Disclosures and recording checks are due 2 days after a sale. All delinquent taxes,special assessments,penalties and interest that are due must be paid prior to the sale. Every parcel scheduled for Sheriff Sale must have a Tax Clearance Form stamped by the Treasurer's Office. A stamped Tax Clearance Form is proof that delinquent taxes have been paid. A stamped Tax Clearance Form is the only proof of paid taxes that the Sheriffs office will accept. NO EXCEPTIONS. You must make sure the Treasurer's Office receives your Tax Clearance Forms in plenty of time to complete them and return them to you, they will not pay to return the Tax Form to you, you must include a self addressed stamped envelope or pick them up.

PLAINTIFF BIDS AND TAX CLEARANCE FORMS ARE DUE THE DAY BEFORE THE SALE BY 4:00PM. It is the attorney's office responsibility to make sure we receive ALL documents on time and they are correct. All bids that are more than full judgment amount must have a bid justification (added cost sheet).

No property may be removed after 12:00 pm on the date of sale without a court order.

The $200.00 user fee will be assessed on every address for which the Sheriff's Office has received a Notice of Sale. Any questions? Please call Pam Hebenstreit @327-2450 or Tammy Pickens @327-2459

Failure to comply with above may result in the removal of the property from sale.

Download the Sheriff Sale Requirements