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Overview of online mapping applications
Note: Online Applications require Pop Ups and Cookies to be enabled.


Our general online mapping application, and springboard to other applications.

My Neighborhood

The My Neighborhood application allows citizens to get a wealth of neighborhood related information based on an address or neighborhood.  Address searches result in information specific to the address entered.  Neighborhood searches return generalized information related to the neighborhood entered.

Government Profile

After entering an address, the Government Profile application gives Marion County citizens information on the politicians who represent them and links to contact information for elected officials.  The site also displays voting location for the address entered, trash pickup information, school district and other government services and jurisdiction information. 

Indianapolis Site Inventory Tool (ISIT) - Brownfields

Indy Pothole Viewer

Displays MAC pothole information showing open and closed pothole requests.

Indy Snow Force Viewer

During snow events, this map will show which streets are being plowed in real-time and what’s been plowed in the last several hours. You can watch as snow clearing efforts start with the major streets then move to secondary streets to keep Indy moving. 

Mapping Application for Public Safety


The M.A.P.S application allows citizens to view a map of crime locations in a specific area of Marion County.  The data is based on incident reports and comes from Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD).  The data is generalized to the hundred block to protect the victims and is symbolized to depict different incident categories.  This application replaced the former Crime View Community application.

Marion County Property Cards 

This tool is used to search for property report cards. You may search by address, owner, local parcel number or state parcel number.

Registered Organization Database

The Registered Community Organization Database is an online application that allows users to search for registered community organizations in Marion County.  The user has many selection possibilities available including township search, keyword search, and searching based on an address.  The application returns a list of community organizations that meets the search criteria.  If desired, the user can map one or more organizations.


RequestIndy is the online portal to submit requests for city services without having to call the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC).  You can also check the status of a request you previously submitted.  Examples of request types accepted are stray animals, potholes, high grass and weeds, graffiti, illegal dumping, abandoned vehicles, zoning violations and many more.

Surveyor Viewer

Stormwater Impervious Area

Search and view current storm water billing information. Impervious area is an area that has been paved and/or covered with buildings and materials which include, but are not limited to, concrete, asphalt, rooftop and blacktop, such that the infiltration of stormwater into the soil is prevented or impeded. Impervious area includes gravel driveways, private roadways, parking lots and similar areas designed or used for vehicular traffic. Excluded from this definition are undisturbed land, lawns and fields and undisturbed and tilled agricultural lands and areas.

Voter Information Portal

The Voter Information Portal determines where Marion County citizens vote based on an address entered.  If the citizen enters an optional birth date, the application will also verify whether or not the citizen is registered to vote at the address entered.

Zoning Browser

The Zoning Browser contains a wealth of zoning related information about property in Marion County.  The user enters an address, parcel number, or searches for a property from a map.  Once a parcel is selected the application returns information about the property including, but not limited to, the primary and secondary zoning, rezoning, variances (if available online), whether or not the property is in a flood zone, historic preservation district, on the National Register, or in the Regional Center.