Questioned Documents
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Questioned Documents

The Questioned Document Section focuses on the identification of handwriting, indentations, obliterations, alterations, and differentiating ink.

A document may be defined as anything that can be written, copied or reproduced that conveys a meaning or message. The premise(s) of which handwriting identification is based are that no two individuals can produce exactly the same writing and that an individual cannot exactly reproduce his own handwriting.

The identification of handwriting is a result of performing a comprehensive comparative analysis between the questioned document and known handwriting of the suspected writer. Specific habits, characteristics and individualities of both the questioned item and the known samples are examined for similarities and differences.

The goal of the Questioned Document Section is to insure the quality, integrity and accuracy of the examinations, to provide services to the Criminal Justice Community and to provide expert testimony for Criminal Justice proceedings in accordance with the policies of the laboratory.