Duvall Residential Facility
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Duvall Residential Center

Duvall Residential Center was opened in October 2007.  Providing 350 beds, it is the primary facility for non-violent males who are serving Work Release sentences with Marion County Community Corrections. 

Residents are permitted to leave the facility to work, seek employment, to attend school, and to receive medical attention.  In addition, residents may earn passes to visit with family, or may be granted other passes for special circumstances.

To pursue the mission of Marion County Community Corrections, Duvall Residential Center offers a number of in-house programs focusing on evidence based practices to help reduce the risk of Duvall residents re-offending.  Some of these programs include Substance Abuse Treatment (through Fairbanks Hospital), Thinking For A Change, Conflict Resolution, and Inside Out Dads. 

Other programming available at Duvall includes Job Readiness and Job Retention programming through PACE (Public Advocates in Community Re-entry), GED classes, Parenting, Healthy Relationships, AA, Financial Literacy (through the Mayor's Campaign for Financial Fitness), and the Dad's Day program.  In addition, Duvall case managers are trained in evidence based practices and motivational interviewing techniques to further assist with raising resident accountability and reducing recidivism.

Residents also participate regularly in community service projects throughout the near eastside.


Please refer to the Duvall Residential Center FAQ for more information regarding general policies and guidelines.  ​http://www.indy.gov/eGov/County/Corrections/Pages/facts.aspx






Duvall Residential Center

1848 Ludlow Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46201



Component Staff

Chris Morrison
Center Director

Ben Sandman
Residential Programs/ Re-Entry Coordinator

Gretchen O'Brien
Community Transition Program Coordinator

James Snider
Program Coordinator II