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​The Marion County Clerk is not responsible for producing transcripts from court cases.  Information regarding the production of transcripts may be obtained from the Court reporter assigned in the courtroom where the case is held. Court reporters may be contacted through the Marion Superior Court.

Many times, the production of a transcript will be requested within a Notice of Appeal. Once produced, a copy of the transcript related to an appeal case will be filed with the Marion Circuit Court Clerk and will be made available to the parties of the case for review and copying.

Payment for the transcript through the court reporter does not mean the transcript filed with the Clerk "belongs" to the payor. It simply means the payor has purchased the services of the court reporter to transcribe the hearing.

Therefore, any party wishing to review the transcript will be required to "check out" the transcript from the Clerk's Office. Once another party to the case or the Indiana Court of Appeals asks to review the transcript, it must be returned to the Clerk.

To check the availability of a transcript, feel free to contact an Appeals Clerk at (317) 327-4716 or (317) 327-4735.