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Valentine's Day Weddings (February 2014)
Election Year Preview (January 2014)
OdysseyUpdate (March 2014)
BeElectionReady (April 2014)
ElectionDay (May 2014)
Wedding Licenses (June 2014)
JUSTIS to Odyssey Conversion (July 2014)
​Certified Mail Service (August 2014)
Student PollWorker Program (September 2014)



Sheriff Sale Information for Neighborhood Organizations (January 2013)
Valentine's Day (February 2013)
​Online Marriage License Portal (March 2013)
Voter Experience Project (April 2013)
​Marion County Court's Civil Case Odyssey Conversion (May 2013)
​Odyssey Civil Case Search (June 2013)
​July 1 Law Changes (July 2013)
Voter Experience Project Community Meetings (September 2013)
Genealogy and Historical Records (October 2013)
Voter Registration Changes (December 2013)



After The Election (December 2012)
Be Election Ready (November 2012)
Absentee Voting (October 2012)
How to Use Your Ballot This November (September 2012)
Registering Students to Vote (August 2012)
Child Support and Emancipation (July 2012)
Paying Traffic Tickets (June 2012)
Know Where to Vote! (May 2012)
Be Election Ready! (April 2012)
How We Can Improve our Civic  Health (March 2012)
Valentine's Day Weddings (February 2012)
New Year, New Elections! (January 2012)



Second Chance Law (November/December 2011)
Absentee Voting (October 2011)
​Budget Season (September 2011)
Clerk's Office FAQs (August 2011)
Satellite Voting (July 2011)
Legislative Redistricting (June 2011)
Obtaining a refund on a bond (May 2011)
Be Election Ready (April 2011)
yVote! and 17 year olds Voting in the Primary (March 2011)
Applying for a Marriage License (February 2011)
Child Support Docket Fees (January 2011) 



Family Resource Center and Divorce (November 2010)
Preparing for Election Day (October 2010) 

Applying for a Second Marriage License (August 2010)

What is Satellite Voting? (July 2010)

Candidates for Statewide Offices (June 2010) 

Making Child Support Payments (May 2010) 

Difference Between Primary and General Elections ( April 2010) 

Why it is important to fill out your Census form (March 2010) 

Filing Your Marriage Record (February 2010)

Running For Local Office (January 2010) 



Child Adoption Hearings (November & December 2009) 

Absentee Voting Options For Special Election (October 2009) 

Registering to Vote for the Special Election (September 2009) 

November Referendum and Poll Worker Sign-up (August 2009) 

How to pay your traffic ticket (July 2009) 

Changes in the state's foreclosure laws (June 2009) 

Where to find records in the Clerk's Office (May 2009) 

How to change your address on child support records (April 2009)


Where to find foreclosure information (March 2009)

How to apply for a marriage license (February 2009) 



How to find out where you go to vote (October 2008)

How to become a poll worker (September 2008)

How to pay or deny your traffic ticket (June 2008)

How to apply for a marriage license (February 2008)