Letter to the Editor: Be Election Ready
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​Don't Stay at Home!

Be Election Ready

In his Sunday, October 5 column in the Indianapolis Star, Abdul Shabazz tells readers to either become informed or stay at home.
I find it ironic and disheartening that the Star would choose to print such sentiment rather than devote it’s time and resources to actually informing voters about this year’s election. The people of Marion County are fewer than 30 days away from the November 4 election. Where has ballot information been in the paper? Why have no candidate profiles been published? What are the issues the candidates are talking about? 
In short, what has the Star done to provide the information Mr. Shabazz claims voters need before heading to the polls?
In 2008 I started an in-class presentation series geared towards high school seniors called “yVote!.” Every spring and fall my staff and I go into classrooms and talk with students about voting basics: Who votes, how we vote, the offices we vote for (per election), and why we vote. We impress upon students that it is their responsibility to know who is on the ballot and to make informed decisions.
At a yVote! presentation last week at Broad Ripple High School a young woman asked, in frustration, “But where do I go to learn about all these candidates?”
Indeed, when the city’s leading print publication chooses to advise voters to stay at home rather than inform them about this year’s election, where does she go for information?
Voters in Marion County can access my website at www.indy.gov/election to download candidate lists, learn about absentee voting options, and other “election basics.” Voters can also use the Voter Information Portal at www.indy.gov/vip to review a sample ballot, confirm their polling location, review candidate lists, and more.
Democracy is not a spectator sport! Please vote on November 4.
Beth White
Marion County Clerk