Election Forms
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Election Forms


Absentee Voting
Application to Vote by Mail for 05/08/2018 Primary Election 
​Application to Vote by Traveling Board for 05/08/2018 Primary Election
Information for Military & Overseas Voters



Election Day Workers
2018 Primary Democratic Board Form
2018 Primary Republican Board Form 
2018 Primary Election High School Student Poll Worker Permission Form

Marion County Online Poll Worker Application

Precinct Inspector Proxy Form



Campaign Finance
2018 Indiana Election Division Campaign Finance Manual
​(CFA-1) Candidate's Statement of Organization and Designation of Principal Committee or Exploratory Committee
(CFA-2) Political Action Committee or Legislative Caucus Committee Statement of Organization
​(CFA-3) Report of Regular Party Committee Statement of Organization
​(CFA-4) Report of Receipts and Expenditures of a Political Committee
​(CFA-5) Notice of Contributions and Expenditures to a Candidate's Committee
​(CFA-11) Supplemental "Large Contribution" Report by a Candidate's Committee ($1,000 Contributions or More)


2018 ​Candidate Forms
2018 Indiana Election Division Candidate Guide
​CAN-1 Candidate Filing Challenge Form
CAN-2 Declaration of Candidacy for Primary Nomination in 2018
CAN-3 Declaration of Intent to be a Write-In Candidate for 2018
CAN-4 May 2018 U.S. Senate Primary Ballot Petition
CAN-10 2018 Primary Election Candidate Withdrawal
CAN-12Statement of Economic Interests for Local and School Board Offices
CAN-16 Town Office Declaration of Candidacy by a Party Candidate When No Town Primary Is Conducted in 2018
CAN-19 November 2018 Petition for Nomination for Federal, State, State Legislative, or Local Office
CAN-20 Consent of Independent or Minor Political Party Candidate Nominated by Petition for Election in 2018
CAN-22 Party Chairman Certification of Libertarian Nominees for County and Large Town Offices and Candidate's Consent to Nomination
CAN-23 2018 State Party Chairman Certification of Democratic, Libertarian, and Republican Party State Convention Nominee
CAN-24 2018 General Election Candidate Withdrawal
CAN-26 Declaration of Intent to be a School Board Write-In Candidate in 2018
CAN-27 Certificate of Candidate Selection to Fill an Early Ballot Vacancy for a Federal Office in 2018
CAN-28 Certificate of Candidate Selection to Fill an Early Ballot Vacancy for a State Legislative Office in 2018
CAN-29 Certificate of Candidate Selection to Fill an Early Ballot Vacancy for a Local Office in 2018
CAN-31 Declaration of Candidacy and Written Consent to Fill a Ballot Vacancy in 2018
CAN-34 Petition of Nomination and Consent for School Board Office Election in 2018
CAN-37 Declaration of Candidacy for Precinct Committeeman or State Convention Delegate
CAN-40 Replacement of Candidate Nominated by Petition in 2018
​2018 Democratic and Republic State Delegate Districts by Precinct



Other Forms and Guidance from the Indiana Election Division

State Publications
2018 Indiana Election Calendar Brochure
Political Disclaimer for Signs & Other Advertisement (Oct. 2014 rev.)



With the exception of the board forms and high school student poll worker program application, forms and manuals produced by the Indiana Election Division.