Archived PTABOA Minutes
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Archived PTABOA Minutes

2017 PTABOA Minutes

​January 20  [PDF, 30.0KB] ​February 24 [PDF, 301KB] ​March 31 [PDF, 219KB]
​April 28 [PDF, 215KB] May 26 [PDF, 220KB] June 30 [PDF, 301KB]
July 28 [ PDF, 216KB] August 25 [PDF, 220 KB] September 29 [PDF, 301KB]
October 27 [PDF, 217 KB] ​November 17 ​December 15

2016 PTABOA Minutes

January [PDF, 301KB]

July [ PDF, 301KB]
October [PDF, 300 KB]
 February [PDF, 268 KB]

[PDF, 301KB]
November [PDF, 301 KB]
March  [PDF, 301 KB]
September [PDF, 301 KB]
​December [PDF, 163KB]
April  [PDF, 301KB]
May [PDF, 301 KB]
June [PDF, 301KB]

PTABOA Minutes for 2015


  January [PDF,    263KB] May [PDF, 54KB]

 September [PDF, 265KB]

 September Amended Minutes  [PDF,246KB]

  February [PDF, 45KB] June [PDF, 334KB]   October [PDF, 270KB]
  March [PDF, 371KB]   July **   November [PDF, 50.2KB] 
 ​April *
  August [PDF, 49KB]   December [ PDF, 56.1KB]




* April meeting cancelled

** July meeting cancelled

PTABOA Minutes  for 2014

January  [PDF, 113KB] May [PDF, 119KB] September 26 [PDF, 45KB]
February [PDF, 115KB] June [PDF, 51KB] October [PDF, 57KB]
March [PDF, 48KB] July [PDF, 47KB] November [PDF, 42KB]
April 26 [PDF, 36KB] September 5 [PDF, 49KB] December [PDF, 263KB]


PTABOA Minutes for 2013

​January [PDF, 42KB] May [PDF, 56KB] September [PDF, 112KB]
February [PDF, 84KB] ​June [PDF, 38KB] October [PDF, 80KB]
April 5 - all tabled to April 26​ July [PDF, 98KB] November [PDF, 57KB]
April 26 [PDF, 56KB] August [PDF, 64KB] December [PDF, 48KB]
Please contact the Marion County Assessor's office for any other past PTABOA Minutes.