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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do we reserve S1 and/or S2 Tactical Channels?
Ans: Requests can be made to the PSC Customer Service Help Desk at 317-327-7319 or​.

2) How do we reserve extra radios & equipment for community events?
Ans: Requests can be made to the PSC Customer Service Help Desk at 317-327-7319 or​​.

3) How do we request a CAD unit change?
Ans: CAD unit changes must be approved by your supervisor and submitted before any changes will be made. After the form is completed and approved by your supervisor, please email it to the PSC Customer Service Help Desk at​​.

4) What are the ISA laptop repair depot service hours? How do I contact them?
Ans1: Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1700.
Ans2: 317-327-7557.

5) What are the IMPD Technical Projects Unit hours? How do I contact them?
Ans1: Monday to Friday from 0800 to 1600.
Ans2: 317-327-6972.

6) What are the hours of the DPSC Help Desk hours? How do I contact them?
Ans1: Everyday, 24 Hours a day.
Ans2: 317-327-7319.

7) My radio is intermittently transmitting and/or receiving, where the reception is garbled and/or my messages are being garbled up. What do I do?
Ans: These errors often mean that your radio's channels and frequencies are out of alignment. It is recommended that you bring your radio to the PSC Customer Service Help Desk to resolve the issue.

9) My radio has a key fail or a systems key fail message, where my access to that channel is limited and/or cutoff?
Ans: Please bring the radio back to DPSC Help Desk to have it reprogrammed by our Radio Programming Technicians. Reprogramming the radio often allows for the radio to restore access to the channels that the recipient of the template were meant to have.

10) My radio is not transmitting nor receiving and there are no error messages?
Ans: When this happens to the radio, this means that the radio has been cut off from communicating within our systems. This issue is remedied by checking in with the DPSC Help Desk and they will restore the radios communications.

11) How can I receive pages sent to my phone or work phone instead of my pager?
Ans: Please download the form for Page Gate and have it filled out completely. Bring the completed form to the DPSC Help Desk or email it to where it can be relayed to our Senior Technician. 

12) I have a broken or stripped Antenna. What should I do?
Ans: Please report to the DPSC Help Desk with the broken or stripped antenna to have it exchanged for a new one.

13)  What if my battery is beginning to lose charging capacity or discharges immediately after placing it on the charger?
Ans: If the charging capacity for the replacement of these batteries is below 30%, or if the battery discharges after initially being placed on the charger, the battery should no longer be used due to public safety concerns. Please bring the battery to the DPSC Help Desk for replacement. Please note, this does not apply to spare batteries -- only backup batteries can be replaced as spare batteries and not new ones.

14) Where is the DPSC Help Desk located?
Ans: The DPSC Help Desk formerly known as MECA is located at 47 S. State Ave. in Indianapolis. ​​