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Bids & Quotes
Bid Results for 2018
The bid tabulations listed below reflect grand totals only of the valid bids received. They may not reflect any added or deducted alternatives. Evaluations will be made by the project manager or his representative for correct price extensions, meeting specifications, etc. Once those specifications are completed, the department’s governing board or commission will award the bid to the lowest, responsive, responsible bidder meeting the bid’s specifications. The bids listed may only be the top three responsive bids. Please click on the bid number below to review the results from that particular bid.

Bid/Quote #
BM-24-013 New York Street over White River Bridge Enhancements
LD-24-005 Little Eagle Creek Levee Segment (LEC-01) Rehabilitation
RFB-14DPW-922 LD-15-035 Eagle Creek Dam Improvements, Phase 3
RFB-14DPW-940 ​PA-16-031 Riverside Family Center North Wall Replacement​
RFB-15IFD-49 Term Agreement for Firefighter Gear & Accessories
RS-18-009 Central Avenue Resurfacing from 38th Street to Westfield Blvd
RFB-14DPW-926 ​RS-16-008D Brookside Avenue
RFB-14DPW-927 ​CL-17-002 Culvert Replacement 2149 West 44th Street CK1789
RFB-14DPW-928 ​BM-19-079 Ritter Ave over Devon Creek
RFB-14DPW-929 ​BM-28-001 Mitthoeffer Road over Morris Street
RFB-14DPW-931 ​ST-18-073, 25th Street from Central Avenue to Keystone Avenue
RFB-14DPW-932 ​CL-12-044 Culvert Replacement 6460 Chester Avenue NW0102
RFB-14DPW-934 ​BM-23-074 Holt Road over Little Eagle Creek/ BM-11-097 Kessler Blvd over White River
​CL-15-028 Culvert Replacement 3340 Louise Avenue EG1844​
​​RFB-14DPW-945 ​PA-16-036 Ranger Station Waterproofing​
RFB-14DPW-947 ​PA-17-071 Wolf Run Park Parking Lot​
RFB-14DPW-946 ​SD-04-066 Misc. North Side Drainage Improvements
RFQ-15IFD-74 ​SCBA Products
RFB-14DPW-948 ​BR-45-006 Bridge Replacement of Harding Street over Orme Ditch (STR 4512L)
RFB-11EAL-84 ​Term Agreement for Pick Up, Transport & Disposal of Infectious Waste
RFB-14DPW-952 OEM Repair Parts​
RFQ-14DPW-956 ​PA-18-112 Floor Renovation Eagle Creek Ornithology Center​
RFB-17DPR-151 ​Pool Treatment Chemicals​​
RFB-32FOR-60 ​Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer
RFB-14DPW-958 ​BM-04-071 Spring Mill Road over Williams Creek​
RFB-11EAL-91 ​Carhartt Outdoor Wear for the City of Indianapolis & Marion County​
RFB 15IFD 062 ​IFD New Fire Station #16
RFB 14DPW 960 ​SD-33-057E Bean Creek Area Drainage Improvements, Area 6
RFB 14DPW 962 ​BM-01-023 86th Street over Fishback Creek
RFB 14DPW 963 ​BM-40-045 Sherman Drive over Lick Creek
RFB-14DPW-964 ​BK-25-033 Downtown Brick Paver Repair
RFB-14DPW-973 ​SD-11-610 E. 69th Street, 3710 Delaware Commons, and Kessler & Washington Blvd Drainage Improvements
RFB-14DPW-967 ​RS-18-006 Resurfacing in Marion County Sector 3​
RFB-1ABNS-017 2018 Unsafe Building Demolition Package 1
RFB-14DPW-969 ​PA-17-070 Seawall Replacement 42nd Street Boat Ramp at Eagle Creek
RFB-14DPW-961 ​ST-41-011 Franklin Rd & Southport Rd Intersection Improvements
RFB-15IFD-83 ​Term Agreement for Firefighting Turnout Gear​
RFB-31CSP-14 ​Service Processors​
RFB-12MPD-054 ​Pistol Range Renovation
RFB-17DPR-140 Leasing Parcels of Land and Related Uses
RFB-14DPW-984 ​RS-18-005 Resurfacing in Marion County Sector 2
RFB-14DPW-985 ​LD-15-035 Eagle Creek Dam Improvements, Phase 3 RE-BID​
RFQ-15IFD-84 ​Breathing Air Cylinder Fill System​
RFB-14DPW-986  ​BM-11-099 Illinois Street over IWC Canal
RFB-14DPW-987 ​BM-32-010 Minnesota Street over Keystone Avenue
RFB-14DPW-992 ​RS-18-008 Central Avenue & Fort Wayne Avenue Improvements
RFB-14DPW-993 ​RS-18-004 Resurfacing in Marion County Sector 1
RFB-14DPW-998 ​BM-01-008 79th Street over Eagle Creek
RFB 14DPW 910 ​Aluminum Traffic Sign Blanks​
RFB-14DPW-1004 ​SD-33-057G Bean Creek Area Drainage Improvements, Area 4
RFB-11EAL-95​ ​Full Body Security Scanners
RFQ-33SHF-142 ​Safety Gloves
RFQ-33SHF-143 ​Inmate Clothing
​Cleaning Products
RFQ-14DPW-1008 ​PA-18-129 Commons Park Development​
RFB-12M​PD-060 ​IMPD Pistol Range Renovation RE-BID
RFQ-33SHF-145 ​Hygiene Products​
RFB-14DPW-978 ​CL-21-045 Grassy Creek Trail Culvert Replacement​
RFB-14DPW-892 ​Tandem Axle Dump Trucks
RFB-14DPW-906 ​Recovery Trucks 
RFB-34COM-15 ​Security Services​
RFB-12MPD-59 ​Police Pursuit Vehicles​
RFB-19PHS-10 ​Site Enabling for the Community Justice Campus​
RFB-14DPW-1016 ​CL-05-001 Culvert Replacement 7968 Rucker Road WN 1280
RFB-14DPW-996 ​SD-21-001 Upper Pogues Run Regional Detention Basin​
RFQ-14DPW-1017 ​Term Agreement for Wide Format Plotter
RFB-14DPW-995 ​LD-16-001 Little Eagle Creek Levee Segment (LEC-04) Rehabilitation
RFB-14DPW-1015 ​Auto Glass Replacement and Repair
RFB-14DPW-1023 ​TR-15-004 40th Street at Meridian Street Traffic Signal Installation​
RFB-14DPW-1013 ​Reflective Sheeting
RFB-14DPW-1011 ​Outright Purchase of Traffic Signal Cabinets & Controllers RE-BID​
RFB-14DPW-1022  ​Rearload Metal Dumpsters​
RFB-1ABNS-018 ​2018 Unsafe Building Demolition Package 2
RFB-14DPW-1024 ​RS-18-101 Keystone Crossing Dr from Union Chapel Rd to Sand Point Way Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)​
RFQ-14DPW-1034 ​ST-18-076 Pavement Rejuvenation-2018​
RFB-14DPW-1029 ​Outright Purchase of Four (4) Tri-Axle Trucks
RFB-14DPW-1020 ​Glass Beads for the  Department of Public Works
RFB-15IFD-82 ​Station Wear​
RFQ-13DMD-60 ​Printed Signs​
RFQ-14DPW-1037 ​PA-18-109 RE-QUOTE Crack Seal, Color Coat & Stripe Outdoor Asphalt Courts
RFQ-14DPW-1038 ​PA-18-138 Demolition of Park Shelter & Bait House​
​Tire Retreading Services  -  ​RFB-14DPW-959 Gem City Base Price List
RFB-11EAL-87 ​Term Agreement for Assorted Vehicles – Citywide
RFQ-14DPW-1036 ​Outright Purchase of Crack Sealing Machine​
RFQ-33SHF-148 ​Cleaning Products and Dispensing Machines
RFB-14DPW-1039 ​PA-18-138 Windsor Village Park Splash Pad Renovation​
RFB-14DPW-943 ​Service Agreement for Alignment & Suspension Services​
RFB-14DPW-1031 One-Ton Dump Trucks​
RFB-14DPW-1018 ​PA-15-157 Carroll Road & 42nd Street Park Drainage Improvements
RFB-14DPW-1041 ​PA-21-005 Centennial & Groff Park Splash Pad Renovation
RFB-14DPW-1046 ​PA-17-020 Douglass Park Pool Renovations
RFB-14DPW-1047 ​PA-17-021 Garfield Park Pool Renovations
RFQ-14DPW-1061 ​BM-11-100 Monon Trail over Kessler Blvd​
RFB-12MPD-70 ​Motorcycles   RFB-12MPD-70 Price Attachment
RFB-15IFD-113 ​Task Force One Uniforms
RFB-14DPW-1028 ​Technician Service & Crane Package​
RFB-11EAL-96 ​Ammunition
RFB-14DPW-1026 ​Asphalt Box Heater​
RFQ-14DPW-1035 ​Spray Injection Patching Machine
RFB-14DPW-1040 ​BK-25-033E Downtown Brick Paver Repair
RFB-14DPW-1054 ​BK-25-034 Monument Circle/Market Street Brick Repair 2019
RFB-14DPW-1055 ​RS-18-003 Crack Sealing in 2018 Quadrant 4
RFB-14DPW-1056 ​RS-18-102 Crack Sealing in 2018 Quadrant 1
RFB-14DPW-1057 ​ST-25-103 Market Street, New Jersey Street, and Wabash Street Resurfacing
RFB-14DPW-1059 ​RS-18-103 Crack Sealing in 2018 Quadrant 2
RFB-14DPW-1066 ​SD-49-003 Southeast Franklin Township Drainage Improvements – Phase 2
RFB-14DPW-1058 ​RS-18-104 Crack Sealing in 2018 Quadrant 3
RFB-14DPW-1062 ​CL-17-001 4755 N Michigan Rd Small Structure Rehabilitation
RFB-14DPW-1050 ​PA-18-104 Aquatic Renovations Brookside Pool
RFB-11EAL-104 ​Term Agreement for Portable Toilets and Wash Stations​
RFQ-14DPW-1071 ​ST-25-515 Cultural Trail Special Crosswalks
RFB-14DPW-1073 ​CW-19-004 On Call Sidewalk Vertical Displacement Mitigation​
RFB-14DPW-1060 ​All Season Cold Patching Material
RFB-11EAL-89 ​Citywide Pickup Trucks & Vans​
RFQ-17DPR-163 ​Term Agreement for J.T.V. Hill Park Family Center Janitorial Services
RFB-14DPW-1078 ​PA-17-031 Broad Ripple Dog Park Renovation​
RFQ-14DPW-1044 ​Semi Deck Trailer
RFQ-14DPW-1080 ​Service Truck​
RFQ-33SHF-149 ​Term Agreement for Towels-Liners-Tissue Supplies