Discrimination Complaint Process
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Discrimination Complaint Process 

Intake Process 

Complete initial Intake Questionaire and Intake Agreement

Meet with an Equal Opportunity Analyst to determine if:

a. The issue is based on an alleged discriminatory act that occurred within 180 days of filing;

b. The alleged discriminatory act occurred within Marion County;

c. The alleged discriminatory act is governed by the ordinance.

During this meeting the Analyst also gathers other relevant information regarding the complaint.

Complaint Accepted for Investigation

A formal complaint is written. The Complainant must sign and verify the complaint.


An Equal Opportunity Investigator will be assigned the complaint to conduct an objective and impartial investigation. A copy of the complaint is given to the entity that is alleged to have committed the discriminatory act.  Both sides are given the opportunity to provide information to support their positions.

Investigation Panel Findings

The Investigation Panel of the Equal Opportunity Advisory Board reviews the Investigation and makes a finding of "reasonable cause" or "no reasonable cause" to believe discrimination has occurred.  the Notice of Finding is sent to both sides.

Appeal Process

Either side may appeal the Investigation Panel Findings.  The appeal process involves a hearing before the Complaint Adjudication Committee who will issue Findings and Conclusions of Law.  Either side may request an appellate review by the Equal Opportunity Advisory Board.

Finding of Discrimination

If “reasonable cause” to believe discrimination has occurred is found, the Office of Equal Opportunity will take affirmative steps to assist in the elimination of any discriminatory practice.