Ethics Code for the Consolidated City & County
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In 2008, the City-County Council adopted Mayor Ballard's ethics reform proposal, which included sensible limits on gifts, honoraria, political activity, patronage, nepotism, the use of city-county property for non-business purposes and excess compensation for performing official duties. The Ethics Code also includes provisions to prevent conflicts of interests in voting and contracting. Perhaps most importantly, “whistleblower” protection has been instituted so that employees who report suspected violations of the ethics code will not fear retribution.

Key changes were also made to the Gift rule. The old $250 annual maximum allowance has been lowered to $25 per gift and an annual maximum of $100. Additionally, a broader scope of individuals are required to file an annual Economic Statements of Interest, and Economic Statements of Interest for all city and county elected officials are now required to be available online for public inspection. (See below).

The ethics reform also requires that OCC train all new and existing appointees and employees on the new ethics code, the Open Door Law, and the Public Records Act.

Economic Statements of Interest

The City of Indianapolis/Marion County requires the following individuals to file an Economic Statement of Interest with the Office of Corporation Counsel between April 1st and May 1st each year:

  • The Mayor, Assessor, Auditor, Clerk, Coroner, Recorder, Sheriff, Surveyor, Treasurer and any declared candidates for those offices;
  • Appointees to city/county boards/commissions (except advisory bodies designated by OCC);
  • The director of any city/county agency/department and any employee who reports directly to the director and any employee who reports directly to an elected official listed above;
  • Any employee whose employment is subject to the approval of the City-County Council; and,
  • Any employee designated by OCC as having "final purchasing authority" and all employees of the purchasing division of the Office of Finance and Management


For More Information on the Ethics Code: (317) 327-4055 or

Information on New Lobbyist Registration:

2018 Economic Statements of Interest

 2017 Economic Statements of Interest

2016 Economic Statements of Interest

Archived Economic Statements of Interest from Officials