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eCycle is the term used to describe the recycling of electronics.  Everything from cell phones to computers need to be recycled rather than thrown away. Electronics contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury. These materials, if buried in a landfill, can contaminate groundwater and cause serious health issues for humans. Instead of throwing them away, take them to be recycled. Electronics can be broken down and separated into plastic and aluminum to be reused. The City of Indianapolis has a program called ToxDrop for all city citizens where you can drop off your electronics and household hazardous waste to be recycled and/or disposed of properly.

Please check this webpage often for times and locations of special events.  Residents are limited to disposing of five (5) computer systems per visit.

Location & Times:

West Street Collection Facility
1725 West Street, Bldg. 1
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am- 11am

IMPD Training Facility (located near Superior Court 13)
9049 E. 10th St
3rd Saturday of each month, 9am- 2pm

Perry Township Government Center 
4925 S. Shelby St
2nd Saturday of each month, 9am- 2pm 

Traders Point Collection Facility 
7550 N. Lafayette Rd
1st Saturday of each month, 9am- 2pm

The ToxDrop sites are closed on the fourth and fifth Saturday  of the month and all major holidays.

The act of improperly disposing of household hazardous waste (HHW) and eScrap items, including leaving them at the ToxDrop sites outside of the noted hours of operation, is considered illegal dumping.

Special Events

Throughout the year, ToxDrop sponsors partner with community organizations to host ToxAway and/or eScrap events as the budget allows. The largest event is the Post Holiday Recycling Event, held in January of each year. Business waste will not be accepted during special events.

Additional items accepted at special events only:


VCRs Game Boys
Stereo Amplifiers Tape Players
Gaming Systems Answering Machines
CD Players Stereo Receivers
Telephones Fax Machines
Stereo Tuners
Acceptable Electronics
Joy Stick Controllers
Gaming Accessories
Cellular Phones
USB Drives
Laptop PC's
External Tape Drive
External Disk Drives
Hard Drives
PC Cards
Circuit Boards
PC Speakers
​Televisions 27" and under
Items Not Accepted
Business Electronics
Freon Containing Items
Small Kitchen Appliances
Stun Guns
Industrial Transformers
Large Console Projection Type Televisions
Air Conditioning Units