Safety Terms & Signals
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Safety Terms & Signals

Green Lane

Named for the green paint used to mark the pavement, the "green lane" identifies areas where bicycle lanes and car lanes cross, requiring extra caution for both riders and drivers.

Motorists should cross bike lanes only where the pavement markings are dashed and yield to bicyclist.

Bicyclists should use extra caution when travelling both along or across green lanes.


Dooring refers to one danger that bicyclists face when travelling alongside parked vehicles - the unexpected opening of a car door in their path. The result of a bicyclist colliding with an open car door can be severe!

Motorists must always look behind them before opening their car doors from an on street parking position.

Bicyclists must be on the alert for drivers entering or existing parked vehicles.


A sharrow is a shared lane where both bicycles and motorists must share the road. Caution should be taken when approaching and riding or driving through a sharrow. These lanes are identified by multiple arrows painted on the road along a bike route.

Hand Signals

Know and use bicyclist hand signals to alert others.