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  • As a resident, it is your responsibility to clear snow and ice from around your mailbox to ensure safe access for mail carriers.
  • Clear an area of approximately 15 feet on each side of your mailbox to allow your mail carrier to be able maneuver his or her vehicle as close to your mailbox as possible.
    • If your mail is delivered to your porch or stoop, rather than curbside, remember to clear the walkway to your door so that your mail carrier can reach your house safely.
    • Failure to remove snow and ice from the area around your mailbox may prohibit your mail carrier from delivering your mail.will not be able to deliver your mail.

    A TRUCK HIT MY MAILBOX.                                                WILL YOU  REPLACE IT? 

    If a truck or plow physically hits a mailbox, the City will reimburse the homeowner for the cost of replacement. However, this is extremely rare. The common cause of mailbox damage is from 200-300 pounds of snow thrown from the plow blade. In this situation, the City will not replace damaged mailboxes. This policy is consistent with most municipalities in the area.

    If you believe the City of Indianapolis has damaged your property, please file a TORT claim with the Office of Corporation Counsel (OCC). For more information about the TORT claim process please visit​ or call 317-327-4055