Illegal Dumping
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Any debris disposed of in the public right of way, private property or city property classifies as illegal dumping. Illegal dumping commonly occurs in alleys, vacant lots, riverbanks and heavily wooded areas. Illegally dumped debris can range from tree limbs, appliances, full garbage bags, etc. 

Illegal dumping is a punishable offense. If you witness illegal dumping, please call the Mayor's Action Center (MAC) at 327-4MAC or visit online to report the incident. The Department of Public Works Customer Service section employs two environmental officers who conduct investigations into illegal dumpsites. The officers issue fines up to $2,500.00 on successful investigations. Additionally, one township coordinator is responsible for countywide illegal dumping inspections.

Heavy trash is sometimes mistaken for illegal dumping. DPW picks up heavy trash once a month in Indianapolis neighborhoods. Before you report illegal dumping in your area, visit the heavy trash pickup schedule for your neighborhood by clicking here and entering your address. Your neighbor may just be getting rid of that old couch!


Example of Illegal Dumping Example of Illegal Dumping