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When heavy rains cause flooding in city streets and sidewalks, please notify the Mayor's Action Center (MAC) at 327-4MAC.  Flooding can affect many members of the public and may be the result of any combination of problems.  In any event, a township coordinator will inspect the area and determine the necessary solution.  If the city sewers are clogged or blocked with debris, the coordinator will ask a city contractor to address the problem.

However, some areas flood because one or more property owners have failed to maintain drainage ditches and driveway pipes.  Property owners are responsible for making sure that their drainage ditches allow water to flow.  They are also responsible for making sure their driveway pipes are clear of debris and are in proper working order.

In severe flooding cases, the city may complete roadside ditching or other maintenance to prevent standing water from corroding city streets and sidewalks.  However, if water is ponding on private property and it is not affecting the city's assets, the city will not take corrective measures to improve private property.

Clogged Drainage Ditch and Cross Pipe