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During DPW's evaluation process, the following tools are used to determine which Marion County street, sidewalk, or bridge projects are selected for design and construction each year. ​
1. TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT: DPW evaluates infrastructure need for improvements using the following criteria:
  • Assessing the health and extent of deterioration of the infrastructure.
  • Monitoring current traffic frequency and volume. We also work with neighborhood stakeholders to prepare for future changes to neighborhood traffic flow.
  • Observing pedestrian frequency, volume, and connectivity. Not only do we look for ways to repair or rehabilitate existing infrastructure, but we also want to find ways to connect communities.
2. PUBLIC INPUT: Service requests and public feedback can impact what streets are both evaluated and selected. We receive these request via...
*Tip: When making a service request, provide the closest intersection and/or a photo(s)
  • Discussions between residents and the Public Works team at open houses and neighborhood meetings are also held to solicit input on projects.
*Tip: If possible, attend project meetings that occur in your neighborhood. During public meetings, valuable information and updates are often exchanged.
  • City-County Councilors work with DPW throughout the year, to collect information on which projects they would like to see done in their own districts.
  • Based off the needs of their constituents’  Councillors are able to prioritize one project over another, depending on a project(s), assessment.
  • The Public Works Director also spends time working with each Councillor to ensure coordination between DPW and Councillors.