Gas Card Request Forms
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Gas Card Request Forms

To obtain either a new vehicle or new employee fuel card or a replacement for a lost card, you must first fill out and return a fuel card request signed by a person in your department who is on the IFS list of fuel card authorizers.  We will replace a defective card without the paperwork IF YOU BRING THE OLD CARD WITH YOU. Click on the card images to download a printable form.

These forms can only be submitted by an approved gas card authorizer.

Vehicle Fuel CardEmployee Fuel Card

Once the form has been submitted, turnaround time is usually just a matter of minutes.  If you have submitted the form by faxing it to the office, we do not typically call anyone when cards are complete.  We will let you either call (327-2726) or come by the office to see if the cards are done.  If you come in and they are not finished, we can usually get them made and get you on your way within five minutes.  Unless you are requesting multiple new cards for a fleet of vehicles, it is faster to hand-carry your request to the gas card office.

SuperFleet CardIf your organization is a participant in the SuperFleet program, you can click on the image to download a request form for a SuperFleet (often referred to as a Speedway) card.  We do NOT produce these in house, so the turnaround time is considerably longer for one of these cards.  We WILL contact the person who authorized the card when one of these cards is ready for pickup.  Click on the link in the sidebar for a document delineating SuperFleet program procedures.

The forms require use of the Adobe Reader.  City/county users should already have this installed on their computer.  Other users can click on the image below to go to the Adobe download site.

Get Adobe Reader