Vehicle/Equipment Acquisition
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Vehicle/Equipment Acquisition

All City vehicle and equipment requisitions, purchases, deliveries, and disposals are to be coordinated through the Indianapolis Fleet Service (IFS), Fleet Inventory Section.

Don Kingery Fleet Inventory Specialist 327-2725


  1. Departments are responsible to determine their own financing source and vehicle/equipment selection. Recommended vehicle selection should be made from the QPA list available from Purchasing.
  2. If a vehicle requested is not available on the QPA list, a Specification (Spec) request is required to be submitted to the Spec. Writer in the Purchasing Department. Any Spec written that needs to be sent out for Bid or Quote must first be reviewed and approved by IFS with NO exceptions. IFS maintains a file of old Specs for previously purchases vehicles that may be used to assist in preparing new bids.
  3. SUV's and large expensive passenger vehicles must have written approval from the Mayors Office before the purchase process begins.


  1. Vehicle/equipment requisitions are created by the requesting department using their normal purchasing processes. This Requisition will include instructions for the vendor to direct delivery to the IFS Inventory Section. Any questions about the Requisition are to be first directed to IFS Inventory Section. Title instructions also need to be included in the Requisition as well as the Purchase Order. This applies to all QPA's, Quotes, and Bids for IFS responsible vehicles/equipment.
  2. Any questions related to the Specs sections of a Requisition are to be channeled through IFS. Procurement and finance questions are to be channeled through the Purchasing Department.
  3. A copy of the final Spec created by the Spec Writer must be sent to IFS to be kept in the permanent specification file.
  4. Purchasing will send out request for bids or quotes to the vendors. When the bids and quotes return to Purchasing, they will need to forward a copy to IFS for evaluation and approval.
  5. Purchasing must send IFS a complete copy of the accepted successful bid. This information is needed by IFS for check in at the time of vehicle/equip. delivery.
  6. Purchasing needs to send IFS a copy of the Purchase Order at the time it is sent to the vendor.


  1. Vehicle/equipment deliveries from the vendor to IFS will require an appointment as described on the Purchase Order.
  2. IFS will advise the department when the vehicle is ready to be picked up.
  3. During delivery to the department, IFS will provide the original invoices to be used for payment. Payment is to be made as soon as possible after delivery.


  1. When vehicle/equipment is determined to be removed from service, the department fleet representative will notify IFS Fleet Inventory Section by email with the unit number and date out of service.
  2. IFS will deactivate the fuel card and give further instructions for disposal and vehicle/equipment drop off location. Do not drop off vehicles or equipment until IFS advises where they are to be taken.
  3. IFS will remove the license plates and decals as part of the sale process.
  4. The department is responsible to remove any radio or special equipment they had installed, and remove ALL TRASH.
  5. If the department is holding a Title for the vehicle/equipment, it is turned in to IFS at that time.