Updated Stormwater Design and Construction Manual
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Stormwater Design and Construction Specifications Manual 

NOTICE (December 2017):
Indy DPW is updating its Post-Construction Structural Stormwater Quality Unit (SQU) Certification Program.
More information can be found in the memo here​.

The Stormwater Design and Construction Specifications Manual provides regulations covering engineering design and construction standards for proper stormwater management for those engineers, builders, contractors, land planners, and property owners contemplating some form of land alteration within the City of Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

Originally developed in 1996, the manual was updated, revised and approved in 2011 to reflect up-to-date engineering practices and information applicable to the City of Indianapolis area. The updated manual went into effect on June 1, 2011.

The Department has been granted authority through Section 561 of the Code of the City of Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, to "protect the safety, health and general welfare of the citizens of Marion County by requiring compliance with standards and practices, which result in proper storm water drainage and sediment control in the accomplishment of land alterations" (ref. Article 1 Section 561-101, "Purpose").

Memorandum of Clarification for 2011 Storm Water Design and Construction Specifications Manual
Issued June 21, 2011

Stormwater Design and Construction Specifications Manual (Effective June 2011)

Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
Chapter 100
Chapter 100 Appendix​
Chapter 200
Chapter 300
New Products Review Process P.I.P.E Form​
Chapter 500​
Chapter 600
Chapter 700
Chapter 700 Appendix​

Memo (Dec '17): Updates to Post-Construction Structural SQU Certification Program​
BMP Testing Criteria​​​
Approved SQTU Selection Table​​​​​​​​

Appendix I - Chapter 561, Drainage and Sediment Control
Appendix II - Chapter 735, Article III. Establishment of Flood Control Zoning Districts


IDEM Checklist:
Rule 5; Section A
Rule 5; Section B/C