Drafting Standards
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The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) established drafting standards for the purpose of ensuring uniformity in the design and drafting techniques of projects to be submitted for review and acceptance. Development plans for sanitary sewer, storm sewer and drainage improvements and roadway construction should be prepared in a neat and professional manner. All text and line work should be created in their proper weight and style so that the drawings will be legible when they are reproduced, scanned or reduced. The Drafting Standards presents the standards that should be followed in the preparation of all DPW projects and private development plans. Click on the highlighted link to view a copy of the DPW Drafting Standards​.

To assist with the drafting standards, typical plan sheets and detail information are provided for engineers and contractors use.  Download the zipped folder of Drafting Standards assets​:

Line Weights and North Arrows.dwg
Line Weights and North Arrows.dwl
Line Weights and North Arrows.dwl2
Line Weights and North Arrows.dxf
Private Title Sheet.dwg
Private Title Sheet.dxf
Public Title Sheet.dwg
Public Title Sheet.dxf
Title Block Bottom.dwg
Title Block Bottom.dxf
Title Block Right.dwg
Title Block Right.dxf