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Learn more about becoming a member of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department


2018 Salary Schedule for Merit Police Office

1st Year Patrol ​Recruit Officer ​$39, 446
​2nd Year Patrol ​Probationary Officer ​$47,651
3rd Year Patrol ​Patrol Officer ​$68,764
​College Incentive Pay *​Masters Degree $1,250
​College Incentive Pay ​*BA or BS ​$1,000

Other Benefits include:

  • Take home car
  • College incentive pay, up to a maximum of $1,250 for a Masters Degree, $1,000 for a BA or BS degree from a college accredited by MSA, NEASC, NCA, NASC, SACS, or WASC
  • Overtime pay (as available) at 1 1/2 the officer’s hourly base salary rate
  • ​11 Bonus Holidays Annually,80 hours of Vacation leave for offices, Sick leave at 90 calendar days annually, ​Excellent Insurance (health, life, dental)
  • Annual Equipment/Clothing Allowance
  • ​​Pension plan under the Public Employees Retirement Fund created in 1977 and administered by the state of Indiana. Voluntary deferred compensation ​plan Benefits are subject to change per labor negotiations.
  • ​​An Equal Opportunity Employer ~ Police – Community Partnership

​​Initial requirements for sworn employment with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department are established by the Indiana Code which provides that applicants:
  • Must be a resident citizen of the United States 
  • Must be 21 years old and not have reached their 36th birthday by date of appointment
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED certificate (Home-schooled students must take a general equivalency exam and present a general educational development certificate (GED). 
  • Cannot have a felony conviction 
  • Cannot have a misdemeanor conviction of domestic violence under [18 USC §922 (g)]
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license from their state of residence 
  • Must be a resident of Marion County, Indiana or one of the seven adjoining counties at the time of appointment to the Department 
  • Cannot have been dishonorably discharged from the military 
  • Must pass a mandatory drug screening test 
  • Background / Pre-Assessment Awareness 
  • Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officers are entrusted with responsibility to keep our cities safe from crime and corruption. Therefore, a history of ethical and moral behavior is of the utmost importance. Your background will be looked at very closely. Candidates who have a history of unethical or immoral behavior will not be hired. You will be subjected to an intensive background evaluation, which will include, but is not limited to, the following: 
  • Your past behavior and the choices you have made must demonstrate positive traits that will support your candidacy for Police Officer and reflect favorably on your character. 
  • You must have a history of lawful conduct. 
  • You must possess high standards of honesty and integrity as demonstrated by your dealings with individuals and organizations. Falsifying, misrepresenting, or omitting information on any document or during the selection process will be closely scrutinized. 
  • You must respect the rights of all people and have an appreciation for the diversity that characterizes Indianapolis. A history of domestic violence, physical altercations, or discourteous, abusive, or violent treatment of others may indicate a lack of self-discipline, an unwillingness or inability to cooperate, or a disregard for the rights of others. 
  • You must have a history of making responsible choices regarding the use of drugs and alcohol. 
  • Your employment and military (if applicable) histories must demonstrate the motivation and success-orientation needed to succeed as a Police Officer.
  • Your financial and driving records must demonstrate responsible decisions and appropriate behavior.
Screening Requirements
The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s applicant screening process is multi-phased and consists of the following steps:
1. Preliminary Application
2. Physical Agility Test 
3. Written Examintaion 
4. Oral Interview
5. Polygraph Examination 
6. Background Investigation 
7. Medical Examination
8. Psychological Examination
9. Drug Screening
10. Board Approvals

Indiana law requires all law enforcement officers to attend and successfully complete a basic training program approved by the Law Enforcement Training Board. Programs approved by the Board are based upon a validated analysis of the tasks that law enforcement officers perform, or must be prepared to perform, each day. Emergency runs, vehicle crashes, violent family and neighborhood disputes, and the arrest of combative persons are examples of these tasks. The stress, physical contact, and exertion experienced by an officer during these activities will equal or exceed those experienced by a contact sport athlete during a hard practice or game.

To prepare recruits to meet these challenges they will, while attending the Academy, drive emergency vehicles; practice handcuffing, baton, and weapon retention techniques; qualify with both a handgun and shotgun; run, jump, wrestle, and be thrown to the ground; participate in water rescue activities; and role-play in a number of job-related scenarios which require strength, agility, and endurance.

Recruits coming to the Academy are told, in writing, to report in good physical condition.  Here is a description of the exam:

Resting Blood Pressure <= 139/89 <= 139/89
Body Fat N/A < 22.0%
Flexibility N/A 16.9 inches minimum
Vertical Jump 13.5 inches minimum 16 inches minimum
One Minute of Sit-ups 24 minimum 29 minimum
Run-300 Meters 82 seconds or less 71 seconds or less
Push-ups (no time limit) 21 minimum 28 minimum
Run-1.5 miles 18 minutes 56 seconds or less 14 minutes 54 seconds or less


APPLICANTS MUST MEET THE ENTRANCE STANDARD BEFORE THEY ARE HIRED BY THE INDIANAPOLIS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT. Recruits must meet the Entrance Standard given the first week of training in order to remain at the Academy. The IMPD Graduation Standard must be met for you to successfully complete the Academy.

The above standards are subject to change without notice.​​

​                            Pre-Academy Readiness (PAR)


In an effort to assist potential police applicants meet minimum physical entrance standards, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) will begin a Pre-Academy Readiness (PAR) Program. The purpose of the PAR Program is to teach potential applicants the proper techniques for each of the Physical Agility Test components and how to prepare for the test.

Each month potential applicants will have an opportunity to learn the proper techniques from IMPD Fitness Instructors. Following instruction, the applicant will be allowed to practice what they learned and receive feedback. Additionally, participants will be given information on how to continue to improve their fitness level after their participation in the program.

Members of the IMPD Recruiting Section will also be on hand to answer questions about the IMPD hiring process and what it takes to be one of Indy’s finest.

The PAR program will be conducted at the IMPD Training Academy (901 North Post Road) each month from 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. Although encouraged, participation in the PAR Program is not required to participate in the hiring process.

Participants in the PAR program should arrive before 8:45 a.m. and enter the training academy through door #8. Upon arrival, participants will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to participation in the program.

Appropriate shoes and attire for physical activity is required. Please refrain from wearing immodest or offensive clothing. Compression shorts are encouraged for all participants.  Applicants are also required to have and maintain a journal (notebook and pen) and provide their own water for each PAR session. Questions concerning the PAR program may be directed via email to Officer Melony Moore, IMPD_Recruiter@indy.gov.

PAR Program 2018 Dates:

January 27th
February 24th
March 24th
April 28th - cancelled 
May 26th 
June 23rd
July 28th
August 25th
September 22nd 
October 27th
November 24th
December 22nd

                                                  RUN CLUB


In addition to PAR, the IMPD Recruiting Unit has also started a Run Club to assist applicants in preparing for the running portion of the Physical Ability Test. Although an emphasis is placed on running, we also focus on other components of the PFT.  Run Club is held every Tuesday, from 7pm – 8:30pm, at the IMPD Training Academy, 901 N. Post Rd. If you have any questions in reference to the Run Club please email the Recruiting Unit at IMPD_Recruiter@indy.gov