YaYA Coalition
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YaYA Coalition - Empowering Female Youth and Young Adults

Program Contacts:
Sergeant Gina Weathers (email)
Officer Sherron Franklin (email)
4209 N. College Avenue
Indianapolis, IN  46205
327-3181 or 327-3035

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Our Mission Statement
To empower our female youth and young adults (YaYAs) toward becoming leaders in their communities and form a sisterhood that will provide a holistic  support system that includes our YaYAs, parents, police officers, social workers and the education system. 

To utilize the inherent strengths of our YaYAs to improve problem behaviors and facilitate communication between our YaYAs and their families during emotional conflict, and link our YaYAs and families to community resources to manage daily living needs.

The Journey to Womanhood
YaYA represents the highest form of achieved womanhood through experience, commitment, and support.  This means YaYA provides a supportive path lined with sparking moments of insight, brilliant flashes of inspiration and quiet whispers of knowing.

This path is well traveled by many women who came before us. It is within their footsteps that we journey along, it is on their shoulders we stand.

The journey to wisdom is much like a flower in bloom, its beauty changing and evolving through the unfolding of each pedal. The full bloom of womanhood, in all of its strength and power is YaYA.


Our Vision
We will set the standard of consistent advocacy and support to empower our YaYAs.
We will serve as a voice for our most at risk YaYAs.
We will advocate for the rights of our YaYAs within  the educational system and community.
We will use the natural attributes of our YaYAs to help them become valuable citizens.
We will lead by example to prepare our YaYAs toward becoming future leaders.
We will be a leader in creating innovative solutions to social, economics, and behavioral problems hindering our YaYAs and their families. 

YaYA's Goals and Objectives
After participating in the YaYA Coalition Program, the female youth will:

    - Maintain an academic average GPA of at least 2.5

    - Increase school attendance and class participation

    - Utilize inherent strengths to develop leadership skills

    - Reduce delinquent behaviors
    - Have an awareness about human health and development of life and social skills

Arlington Community High School
Arsenal Technical High School

 ~ Advocating Pride, Courage, and Confidence ~