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 Lt. Tom Sellas
SWAT Commander
(317) 327-6570

The Mission
The primary mission of the IMPD SWAT team is to save lives. Founded in 1974, the team routinely serves high risk warrants and offers dignitary protection when requested.

In addition, SWAT officers are trained to respond to a wide variety of situations such as officer and citizen rescues, hostage rescues, barricaded subjects, armed suicidal subjects, and crowd control situations.


Averaging 150 operations a year, the team is on-call 24 hours a day and responds immediately to calls for service from the Chief of Police


SWAT Officer

The SWAT team is divided into three specialty groups: sniper/observers; entry; and tactical emergency medical support (TEMS). The sniper/observer group provides visual intelligence and precision marksmanship. The entry group conducts pre-planned assaults involving rescues, barricaded subjects, vehicular takedowns, and high-risk incidents on public transportation.

The TEMS consists of 7 paramedics who are full-time employees of either the Indianapolis Fire Department or Wishard Hospital ambulance service and who serve as SWAT paramedics in addition to their normal assignments. The TEMS is supervised by a board certified trauma surgeon.

The SWAT team's personnel have dual assignments within the department, serving as investigators, street officers, or field supervisors.


SWAT currently has one equipment van, two raid vans, and one armored vehicle. All SWAT operators are equipped with protective gear and issued weapons. The team is also equipped with less lethal options, diversionary devices, and breaching equipment. SWAT Van

Selection and Training

Training of SWAT Officer

SWAT officers are selected from volunteers within the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Officers must serve a minimum of three years before they can apply for the team. The team selection process involves an extensive testing process.

All applicants must pass physical agility, written, oral, and psychological testing. In addition, applicants must successfully pass a stringent background investigation. All SWAT team members receive extensive training on a variety of equipment. The team trains three days every month to maintain their skill level.