Mounted Patrol
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Mounted Patrol

The precursor to the current IMPD Mounted Patrol, the Indianapolis Police Department's Mounted Patrol Section was established in 1983 as part of the downtown Indianapolis revitalization effort that included projects such as the Convention Center, the Circle Theater, Circle Centre Mall, and the establishment of many new hotels and restaurants. The increased activity associated with this revitalization led to the recreation of the unit which had been disbanded approximately 60 years before.

IMPD's mounted patrols are deployed within the downtown area as well as to other police districts throughout the City to assist with crowd control, traffic control, crime deterrence, and community service.

Selection and Training
Officers are selected for assignment to the Mounted Patrol Section based on an assessment center process. This process includes a riding exercise, barn duty, an interview, and a uniform inspection. Candidates for selection are not required to be expert riders, but must show a sense of balance, demonstrate confidence, and have a willingness to listen and learn.

The mounted teams attend a rigorous 16-week training course -- a full 10 weeks longer than the national average. In addition, members have attended the Royal Canadian Mounted Police School in Windsor, Ontario, the National Mounted Police Colloquium in Lexington, Kentucky, and the New Orleans Mounted Police School. The Section has received numerous awards from across the country -- from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Mobile, Alabama. The IMPD Mounted Patrol is known as one of the best units in the country and consistently places in the inspection class, equitation, and obstacle course.

The Horses
Horses used in the Mounted Patrol Section are primarily American quarter horses or a quarter horse crossed with a draft horse. When new horses are acquired, a search is made for horses of solid color with a height of at least 16-hands and a quiet disposition. Young horses (between the ages of 2 - 4 years) are preferred.

Horse Patrol Association
The re-establishment of the Mounted Patrol in 1983 was facilitated by a grant of $50,000 from local business owners. This group has grown to include other members of the community and has been organized into a not-for-profit organization to help the Mounted Patrol Section by raising funds. This Horse Patrol Association has played a valuable role in helping the Department obtain horses, training equipment, trailers, tack, and uniforms. It also has supported officer attendance at training seminars and conferences.

You may contact the Horse Patrol Association at 1327 N. Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202. Members of the Mounted Patrol Section thank the Association for its support.