Tips to Avoid Abduction
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Tips to avoid abduction

Police recommendations for children approached by strangers:

  1. Walk or run away if you are approached
  2. Yell for help
  3. Attract attention of people in area tell them you need help
  4. Don’t walk alone
  5. Avoid alleys and side streets
  6. Cross the street or go the other direction of person approaching

Questions to help your child become a good witness:

  1. What kind of hair did they have?
  2. Did they wear a hat or hoodie?
  3. Did they have hair on their face (mustache or beard)?
  4. Describe their eyes?
  5. Did they wear glasses?
  6. Did they have any unusual smells?
  7. Were their clothes clean or dirty?
  8. What kind of pants or shoes were they wearing?
  9. Describe their color from front to back
  10. Were the windows tinted?

Symptoms of child abuse:

  1. Soiling themselves
  2. Wetting the bed
  3. Recurring nightmares
  4. Anxiety level high
  5. Poor school performance
  6. Socialization skills regress
  7. Changes in appetite
  8. Sleep patterns change