Unsolved Homicides
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Unsolved Homicides

The IMPD Homicide Unit is part of the Homicide and Robbery Branch of the Investigations Division. The unit has the primary responsibility of investigating homicides that occur in IMPD's jurisdiction.

A Cold Case Unit has been established within the Homicide Section to focus on criminal homicides that remain unsolved after all reasonable investigatory leads have been explored and all items of physical evidence of probative value have been evaluated as to their present condition and availability.  The unit represents a partnership among the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indianapolis - Marion County Forensic Services Agency, and Marion County Prosecutor's Office.  Priority is given to unsolved criminal homicide cases where there is the highest possibility of prosecution due to factors such as probative physical evidence in custody, viable witnesses, and/or new information coming to light.

The reports linked below contain information relating to unsolved criminal homicides. If you have any information that would help us solve these cases, please contact us:


Unsolved Homicide Indexes

  2011 Unsolved Homicides


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  Pre-2000 Unsolved Homicides

Additional Resource:  The DOE Network - An international volunteer organization dedicated to Missing Persons and Unidentified Victims' Cold Cases