IMPD History
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Initial Consolidation - January 2007

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was established on January 1, 2007, by General Ordinance 110 consolidating the former Indianapolis Police Department with the law enforcement division of the Marion County Sheriff's Department. The ordinance assigned responsibility for the police department to the sheriff who appointed a chief of police, under whose direction the department operated.

To assist in the establishment of the new department, the Ordinance established three authorities and committees:

  1. The Metropolitan Law Enforcement Transition Authority consisting of the mayor, the sheriff, and the president of the city-county council;
  2. A 15-member Consolidation Transition Advisory Committee and
  3. A 43-member law enforcement steering committee, which was divided into the sub-committees of:  Personnel Issues; Logistics/Operations; Investigations; Civilian Employees; Fleet; Public Appearance; Facilities; Policies and Procedures; Training; Merit System; Information Technology; and Community Policing

The authority, committees, and sub-committees met regularly in public forums to develop policies and make the decisions needed to implement the new department.

Establishment of IMPD as a Division of the Department of Public Safety - February 2008

Approximately one year after the initial consolidation, the City-County Council amended the Revised Code to establish the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department as the police division of the department of public safety.  Under the Amended Code, IMPD now operates under the day-to-day direction of a chief of police who is appointed by the director of public safety who, in turn, is appointed by the mayor of Indianapolis.

With the establishment of the new Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, new department badge, patch, and logo designs were created.  The designs were updated in May 2010.


Prior histories are available for the Indianapolis Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff's Department.