About Indianapolis EMS
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About Indianapolis EMS

Indianapolis EMS is a division of the City of Indianapolis Department of Public Safety providing high-quality emergency medical services to the people of Marion County.

Indianapolis EMS is a unified system merging EMS that was provided by the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) and Wishard Health Services in order to improve quality and efficiency of emergency medical response, pre-hospital care and hospital transport in Marion County and was formed as a collaboration of the Department of Public Safety, Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County and the Indiana University School of Medicine.

This new division of the Department of Public Safety developed merges the financial strength and business acumen of Health and Hospital Corporation; the city’s public safety resources; and the medical expertise, performance and research assets of the Indiana University School of Medicine.

This individual service entity is led by the EMS Chief. The EMS Chief must be a faculty member within, or recruited by, the Department of Emergency Medicine at the IU School of Medicine. The EMS Chief reports up disparate chains of command, reporting directly to the Director of Public Safety for all municipal daily operations, much like the existing fire and police chief positions. For management of executive organizational issues such as budgets, contracts and scope, Indianapolis EMS will utilize the combined expertise of the EMS Subcommittee of the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County Board. The EMS Subcommittee of the HHC Board creates an ideal forum for convergent business, clinical and governmental perspectives to affect strategies for success. This model improves accountability, facilitates integration and incorporates a breadth of expertise, all of which enhance its value to the residents of Marion County.

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