Eagle Creek Trail
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Just as the Monon ties together north side trails, the Eagle Creek Trail is the lynchpin to a Westside network that will link neighborhoods, schools, parks, commercial areas and industrial districts.  Its path stretches from the rolling hills of Eagle Creek Park and reservoir to the wide floodway of the White River. 

Greenway Description

Currently, there are two sections of the Eagle Creek Trail that have been completed.  Two miles of trail are on the ground at the south end, laid by the Indianapolis Department of Public Works in 2003 as part of a major upgrade on Raymond Street.  This south section will provide an eventual connection with the White River Wapahani Trail.  The 1.8 miles on the north end of the Eagle Creek Trail was completed in partnership with the Pike Youth Soccer Complex at 56th Street and Reed Road.  At the southwest corner of the complex, the trail makes a hairpin turn to follow an approach zone for the Eagle Creek Airport and reaches its terminus at 46th Street. 

Once complete, the Eagle Creek Trail will be more than 16 miles long, and have major access points at Thatcher Park, Ridenour Park and Ross-Claypool Park.  Additionally, completing the Eagle Creek Trail would provide a connection to the planned B&O Trail as it passes through the Town of Speedway. 

Eagle Creek Guide/ Map [PDF]

Eagle Creek Trail