Westside Strategic Revitalization Plan
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​The West Side Strategic Revitalization Plan and Aiport TIF Implementation Plan will provide both a high-level vision for comprehensive revitalization of the west side of Indianapolis as well as to provide a strategic investment framework for the Airport Economic Development Area Tax-Increment Financing District.  This plan seeks to understand the needs and opportunities of the study area, develop a community vision for what the west side of Indianapolis can be, and then develop a prioritized investment strategy to implement that vision.

Final Plan Document


Engagement Recap


Contact Information

Ryan Hunt
Principal Program Manager
Economic Incentives
Department of Metropolitan Development | City of Indianapolis
e. ryan.hunt@indy.gov
p. 317.327.5355

More About the Plan and Process

This project has three phases which will include recommendations for locations for renewed neighborhood and commercial centers; identify redevelopment strategies near Blue Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stops on Washington Site; overall form and character of new development; open space improvements; streetscape and connectivity improvements, such as sidewalks, trails and bike lanes and the Indianapolis Airport. 
This project will engage the public in three workshops with dates included below. In addition, neighborhood, business and airport stakeholders will be included in the process through a series of Stakeholder Committee meetings, individual and group Stakeholder meetings and Focus Group meetings.
During the first phase, we will build a solid foundation of knowledge rooted in existing data and develop an understanding of the study area from a community, physical, demographic and economic, and TIF perspective. Also as part of this phase, we will synthesize the snapshot of the study area today into an analysis findings and opportunities summary that will serve as the foundation for this planning process.
Then, in the second phase the team will develop a robust vision for the study area and form actionable recommendations and strategies for identified project elements. We will describe each element’s purpose, needs, and obstacles for implementation; types of investments required; and eligibility for TIF support; prepare catalytic site strategies for the redevelopment of Airport property; study alternatives for a new mixed-use village nodes; develop measurable goals to achieve the vision; forecast TIF revenues and expenses and develop priorities criteria for use of TIF investment. As part of this phase, we will develop a draft executive summary that will serve as the summary report for Strategies and Recommendations; this summary, along with the summary report for Analysis and Opportunities, will serve as the backbone for the draft plan.
During the final phase we will focus on: blending feedback from the second Public Workshop and City and key stakeholders; host an Action Plan and Implementation Workshop; refine concepts based on feedback; prioritize implementation; develop an annual TIF investment plan; develop a proforma for the catalyst sites and subareas; and develop implementation steps and partnership strategies for projects not eligible for TIF funding. This updated information will be used to refine the Draft Executive Summary into a formal West Side Strategic Revitalization Plan and Airport TIF Implementation Plan Document and Appendix for delivery to the client.