Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal Church
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Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal Church

802 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN

Summary of History and Significance

The Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal Church is architecturally and culturally significant to the City of Indianapolis. Throughout its history, it served as both a religious and educational institution, and has provided the citizens of Marion County with a space to worship and a place to learn. The Gothic Revival structure was designed by one of Indianapolis' most prominent architectural firms, D. A. Bohlen & Sons, and it provided a house of worship for one of Indianapolis' oldest Methodist congregations.

Around 1905, the congregation of the Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal Church, which was one of the oldest Methodist congregations in the city, made the decision to build at the northwest corner of Meridian and St. Clair streets after their existing church at Meridian and New York streets was destroyed by fire. The church board held a special meeting in April 1905 during which H.P. Wasson moved that the plans prepared by the firm of D.A. Bohlen and Son be approved. The corner stone was laid on November 30, 1905, and the official dedication took place on December 9, 1906. The total cost of construction and furnishings was $165,000. The existing structure served the Meridian Street Methodist Episcopal congregation until after WWII, when the congregation merged with the 51st St. and Hall Place Methodist Churches. The "farewell" service was held in December 1947. Around 1950, the church was acquired by the Indiana Business College, a post-secondary educational institution, and adapted to serve an educational use. Indiana Business College continued to own and occupy the building until January 2003, and the building has been vacant since that time. The current owner plans to develop the building as condominiums.