Woodruff Place
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Woodruff Place

Summary of History and Significance

The significance of Woodruff Place lies in its unique character as a planned residential suburb created within a park-like atmosphere.  From the beginning, Woodruff Place possessed all the requisites of a park:  three well-shaped boulevard drive bisected by grassy esplanades, spacious lots occupied by rambling frame homes and picturesque cottages, clusters of graceful cast-iron statuary crowding the esplanades, and finally, costly multi-tiered fountains located a judicious intervals along the three north-south drives.  Such was the vision of James O. Woodruff when he laid out Woodruff Place in 1872-73. 
Woodruff Place is marked by a variety of domestic architectural styles.  Homes found along the four drives range from fifty to one hundred thirty years in age.  The most significant homes in terms of architecture date from 1875 to c. 1917.  The oldest surviving residence in Woodruff Place, the J. Francis Burt House, was constructed in 1875 and stands as an early example of Eastlake or Late Stick style.  Favoring the Victorian styles, there are also many spectacular examples of Queen Anne style homes throughout the neighborhood.  The Charles A. Layman House built in 1894 flaunts some very pleasing "gingerbread" from its main gable, as well as a tower over its southeast corner. 

Address Ranges

500-999 Woodruff Place West Drive
500-999 Woodruff Place Middle Drive
500-999 Woodruff Place East Drive
1700-1900 Woodruff Place Cross Drive


Woodruff Place

Woodruff Place Town Hall



Neighborhood Association

Woodruff Place Civic League

Missy Ellis, President

(317) 756-8636 - phone



Woodruff Place Historic Preservation Committee

Brent Roberts, Chair

811 Woodruff Place East Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46201
(317) 881-4546 – phone
(Tips on when they meet, contact information, recommended documentation to bring to meetings, etc.)

Note:  The Woodruff Place Historic Preservation Committee meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.  Meetings are held at the Woodruff Place Town Hall on East Drive.  Please contact a neighborhood representative to be placed on their committee's agenda.